Aurélie Chadaine

Aurélie Chadaine’s hand-made accessories have earned the designer several eco awards, including The Green and Chic Award. And her bags are green and chic indeed! You can recognise them by their minimalist design and their natural materials. For one thing, Chadaine likes to work with leather, and her Italian leather manufacturer swears by vegetable tanning methods (he uses tree bark, to be precise).

Furthermore, Chadaine’s production is local. For this accessory brand, that means the production takes place in Paris and (to zoom in further) in a studio where waste or overproduction are avoided like the plague. Thanks to laser cutting techniques, every scrap of leather is put to good use.

In addition, the Parisian designer helps her customers to upgrade their sneakers and other shoes, so they’ll fall in love with their footwear all over again, by selling leather fringes. Some of these fringes are two-sided, enabling no less than four different combinations. An original make-over, to say the least!

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