Goat Organic Apparel

Abigail and Lavinia Bakker were looking for a simple, organic white T-shirt that was sustainably produced and wouldn’t cost them a fortune. At least three of these prerequisites turned out to be too much to ask. So the twins decided to create what they couldn’t find. Their brand Goat (derived from the original Dutch brand name ‘Geitenwollenshirts’) has since been launching comfy vegan T-shirts, sweaters, tops, sweatpants and even scarves. The team keeps the price down by selling directly to the consumer.

Goat has several collections, all of which are animal-free and ethically produced. The basic collection is made in India, in safe and hygienic working conditions. All the workers involved are paid at least 50% more than the minimum wage.

And then there is the REmix collection, which is manufactured locally in Amsterdam by refugees from countries such as Syria, Lebanon and Palestine; while the REcycle collection – as its name already suggests – is made from recycled denim (95%) and uses next to no water. Other fabrics that are Goat-approved are organic cotton and modal.

Nice little extra: Goat’s website features a sustainability library crammed with tips on how to go green in your everyday life!

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