O My Bag

Amsterdam-based brand O My Bag wants to create bags that not only make an impression, but also make an impact. Their sustainable items have a timeless design and are made from vegetable-tanned leather from India and Italy, using hides that are a waste product from the meat industry.

In addition to the leather accessories that put O My Bag on the map, the brand offers a Canvas Collection made from GOTS certified, organic cotton (i.e. cotton that is grown without the ‘help’ of harmful pesticides or artificial fertilisers, and that is dyed without chemicals). O My Bag’s leather bags have an organic cotton lining, created by the Anandi Eco-Farm project that provides employment and training opportunities to Indian farmers.

O My Bag offers the workers manufacturing its products in Calcutta fair wages and regularly pays their SA8000 certified factories a visit.

To handle its shipping and logistics, O My Bag relies on a partner who tries to reduce its carbon footprint. To compensate for its CO2 emissions, O My Bag invests in the Envira Amazonia Project, which wants to put a stop to the deforestation of the Amazon and protect its unique biodiversity.

The packaging of O My Bag accessories is made from recycled material. Since 2018, the brand has been working with RePack, a reusable packaging service that strives for a trash-free world. The system is simple: customers can opt for RePack and drop the packaging in the nearest post box after use. They get rewarded with a 10% discount on their next purchase at O My Bag or any of the other brands that use RePack.

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