Study NY

As its name already suggests, Study NY wants to teach its customers a thing or two about how much work goes into creating ‘high fashion’. The women’s label is convinced that informing people is the best way to make them understand the value of a well-made garment that stands the test of time. It should come as no surprise, then, that Study NY wants its chain to be as transparent as possible: from the field to the cutting table, the brand carefully examines every part of the process to make sure it’s socially and environmentally conscious. Customers can find all the details about their garment – from fibre to production plant – on the label.

Sustainable fabrics, zero waste, an ethical production and slow fashion: these are the four pillars of the American women’s label. The lion’s share of Study NY items is produced locally, in New York, using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and linen as well as repurposed materials – all the while wasting as little of them as possible. The local partners that are responsible for the production get weekly visits from Study NY. In addition, the brand opts for ad hoc collaborations with organisations such as Weaving Hand, which teaches people with learning disabilities how to weave. The New York-based label does not work with seasonal collections but invites its customers to wear their Study NY garments all year round.

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