Naomi Rachèl Timan

Naomi Rachèl Timan creates sustainable bags and accessories out of leather that has already lived a little (or a lot): she reuses old jackets, couches or other leather items. Her ‘I WAS A …’ collection is very upfront about this, featuring for instance a handbag called ‘I WAS A CHAIR’.

With her unique, handmade items, the Dutch designer goes to war against our consumer society and our throwaway culture. Via her website, she invites everyone to donate used leather goods, because her fingers are itching to give them a second life. And it doesn’t end there: Timan also inspires others to get crafty, by giving workshops on how to transform an old leather jacket into a beautiful bag.

Timan’s designs generate as little waste as possible, and they are timeless. In other words: you don’t have to banish them to the basement after one season. Some items can even be worn in more than one way. For instance, Timan makes handbags with two compartments, one of which you can detach and use as a wallet.

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