Yunit Studio

At first, Yunit Studio made only T-shirts, but its collection expanded organically, and now both men and women can turn to the Dutch brand for sweaters, shirts, pants and other garments. Yunit Studio has a permanent collection: an item only goes out of stock when it is really out of stock, and not because it’s supposed to have become ‘outdated’ or ‘not on trend’ anymore.

Yunit Studio works with small production houses, which they select on criteria such as respect for their staff and their working environment. In addition, the label opts for sustainable materials like modal (made from beech wood harvested from local forests), organic cotton, organic linen and Tencel®. It also communicates openly about working with less sustainable alternatives such as polyester and elastane, which it uses in small quantities to optimise its organic cotton (for instance making it more stretchy).

Do you live within Amsterdam’s ring road? Then Yunit has a little extra in store for you: a ‘delivered within the hour’ service, for which the brand relies on Roetz Bikes. This bicycle-repair shop uses old frames and recycles as many parts as possible. In addition, Roetz Bikes employs people with limited job opportunities.

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