By Signe

By Signe, a Danish women’s label that was founded in 2015 by Signe Rødbro, believes working sustainably comprises a combination of three practices: producing sustainably, selecting eco-friendly materials and being transparent. The label is a sucker for handmade and local production. From design to assembly: the entire process is gathered under one roof, enabling By Signe to reduce its emissions from transportation and to safeguard quality. Thanks to this local approach, the brand can safely say that it’s not committing any faux pas in terms of ethics, health or safety.

In addition, the fashion label makes it a point of pride to use only organic and GOTS or Oeko-Tex 100 certified fabrics from cotton or bamboo fibres. Whenever possible, By Signe keeps its fabrics unbleached, preserving their natural colours. If whitening is in order, the label opts for ecologically responsible alternatives, like oxybleach, a low-impact bleach based on, you’ve guessed it, oxygen.

By Signe’s timeless garments are minimalist and clean, presenting customers with essentials they can wear all year long, for years and years.

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