Since its launch in 2007, MYOMY equals leather design handbags and other accessories. For her sustainable collections, which are handmade by Indian and Dutch craftsmen, founder Marja Baas is inspired by the mission ‘to do good’. More specifically, she wants to create jobs in less prosperous countries, following the rules of the World Fair Trade Organization regarding working conditions, wages, training opportunities and environmental strain. So far, the brand has helped 100 families earn fair wages, and by 2020, Baas wants to raise the number of fulltime jobs provided by MYOMY to 200. Like a boss!

The hides MYOMY transforms into bags are derived from animals that are not bred for leather or meat. In addition, the tanning process – which is usually very bad news for the environment – is Leather Working Group certified. This protocol restricts the use of chrome and ensures a safe working environment for everyone involved. Finally, the hides are dried naturally, using sunlight instead of electricity, thereby drastically reducing the energy consumption.

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