Amour Vert

Amour Vert consistently takes the green road. No surprise there for those who know a little French, right? The American women’s fashion label mainly focuses on innovative materials. It collaborates closely with manufacturers to create fabrics that tick all the boxes: they should be soft, environmentally friendly and yet super sturdy. Some of Amour Vert’s favourites are mulberry silk (sourced from family-owned companies), which owes its vibrant colours exclusively to non-toxic dyes; modal (made from beechwood fibres) and organic cotton.

Amourt Vert turns these fabrics into comfy and limited-edition women’s wear – a process that, for the most part (for 97% percent, to be precise), takes place within a few miles of the Amour Vert offices in San Francisco. The results speak for themselves: less transportation and a reduced carbon footprint. Daily factory visits are the rule rather than the exception, so employees are sure to get fair wages and good working conditions. Sweaters are the only Amour Vert product that’s not made in the US, for the simple reason that they are 3D knit, and there are only a few machines in the world that can do the job exactly the way the brand wants it done. But no worries: the Chinese factory Amour Vert eventually selected does meet the latter’s sustainability standards as well as aligning with its ethical values.

Right from the start (i.e.: the design phase), Amour Vert gives careful thought to the maintenance of their clothes, which is obviously good news for you as a customer. For starters, Amour Vert T-shirts can be machine-washed cold. In addition, the items find their way to the customer in eco natural shipping bags made of recycled and biodegradable material. 

The icing on the cake? For every T-shirt they sell, Amour Vert plants a tree in North America with the help of American Forests®. For the number crunchers among us: so far, the label has planted close to 200,000 trees and given no less than 21 reforestation projects a helping hand.

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