Aurore Van Milhem

After her studies in law and communication in 2015, Aurore Van Milhem founder Mélanie decided to shift gears. She wanted to pursue her passion and enrolled in a fashion academy – with success, because already in 2017, she managed to put her own fashion brand on the map. Mélanie is a feminist ‘pur sang’: she wants to create clothing that celebrates femininity and makes the women who wear it even prettier than they already are. The Parisian designer is not interested in selling collections, but rather in evoking emotions.

Every Aurore Van Milhem piece is limited edition or made to measure. The second option not only gives customers a personal experience, but also makes them aware of the quality and care that goes into the production of every single item. For instance, the brand consistently prefers natural fabrics over their synthetic counterparts. To make sure every piece of clothing finds a fan, Mélanie regularly asks for feedback from her followers on Instagram.

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