Just Hazel

Just Hazel are three Ghent-based friends who were dying for a sustainable alternative to the worn-once wonders that filled their closets to bursting. With a passion for fashion, people and the environment, Siel, Fien and Nina carefully select budget-friendly and green clothing, accessories and lifestyle goodies. They sell them both online and offline in their so-called ‘feelgoodstore’.

The brands that Just Hazel offers guarantee good working conditions and fair wages for their employees. Among them are Organication, MUD Jeans, Umiwi and Soruka. In addition, these brands work with high-quality eco fabrics such as lyocell, bamboo and recycled polyester. Though the three friends are not completely immune to the big trends, they mainly focus on timeless basics that are easy to combine.

Finally, Just Hazel even makes house calls. During ‘hazelicious parties’, customers are invited to snack away on fair and flavourful goodies while trying on their favourite outfits.

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