Anna Lehmusniemi is the brain behind the bag brand NO/AN, which saw the light in 2016. The Brussels-based Finnish designer wanted to put her foot down against overconsumption and the breakneck speed of the fashion industry. Her alternative? Slow fashion bags in a minimalist, Scandinavian style that are not trend-sensitive, come in a limited range of colours and are made of high-quality, natural grain leather that is a by-product of the meat industry. Both men and women can find their hearts’ desire at NO/AN.

All NO/AN bags are handmade in Portugal in a family-run, specialised atelier. The leather comes from a tannery in the nearby region of Leiria. Keen to know who made your bag (and who handpicked the leather)? Just check the label, because it contains the name of the artisan responsible for your item. It should be clear by now that the way NO/AN works is completely at odds with the mass production the fashion industry is so often associated with. Rather, the Belgian brand is synonymous with limited editions and exclusive designs.

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