OhSevenDays was founded in 2015 by the Australian-Canadian designer Megan Mummery. She derived the inspiration for her brand’s name from her desire to create sustainable and ethical items that can be worn comfortably from Monday to Sunday.

Just like the seven days of the week recur in an endless circle, Mummery’s production process is circular. Specifically, OhSevenDays only works with dead-stock fabrics which it sources from clothing factories who overproduced or miscalculated. That’s why the brand found its home in Istanbul, one of the largest textile cities in the world. It goes without saying that there’s no endless supply of dead-stock fabrics, which means that every OhSevenDays item is limited edition. The collections only consist of seven pieces. The label closes the loop again by encouraging customers to return their items for recycling.

Finally, OhSevenDays feels that customers have the right to know more about the clothes they wear. That’s why the brand added a ‘Behind the Stitch’ page to their website, which spills the beans on everything from design to pricing.

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