Power couple Aaron Osborn and Carla Venticinque-Osborn founded Osborn in 2009, and the two pillars of the American shoe brand haven’t changed a bit since then. Eco-friendly materials are key, as are handmade, sustainable products. The label always produces small collections, focusing on classic shapes and using minimally processed leathers and handwoven textiles.

Osborn is based in Brooklyn and collaborates with artisan weaving cooperatives from Guatemala, where Aaron Osborn used to teach orphaned children long before Osborn Shoes was born. That’s how he got in touch with lots of unemployed shoemakers, artists and craftsmen. He wanted to give these professionals a job, having them create jewellery, scarves and other accessories to sell in NY at first. Yet the project really took off when the team started designing coloured flats. And indeed, it’s not hard to see why Osborn’s cheerful footwear is in such demand!

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