Happy Genie

Vegan handbags: nothing new under the sun? Wait till you hear what Happy Genie –handbag brand Genie in a Bag’s little sister – has in store for you. Thanks to an innovative technology, it manages to make luxury bags from … apples! Or rather: it uses a leather-like material made from apple leftovers after juicing.

All Happy Genie accessories are designed in Switzerland, while their leather-like material is sustainably produced in northern Italy (close to the Swiss border). The bags themselves are also handmade in Italy. To reduce its ecological footprint, Happy Genie sources all of its material in a fifteen-kilometre radius and ships its finished products in recycled cotton tote bags.

Happy Genie keeps modern women with a busy schedule in mind while designing their multifunctional handbags. You can mix and match the straps of different models (there’s a combination for every outfit, in other words), but you can also remove the straps and turn your Happy Genie bag into an elegant clutch. The brand even offers bags that you can pimp with extra accessories, according to the needs of the moment. Removing parts or combining your bag with parts from other bags: anything goes! How about a clutch containing a removable pouch that in itself is also a clutch? One thing is clear: Happy Genie founder Tanja Schenker knows how to wow her customers …

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