Ramona Wilmes, the Belgian-Portuguese designer behind MONA WIE, launched her brand to fill a gap in the market – a gap she experienced first-hand. Working in finance, Wilmes had trouble finding the right outfits. She wanted to look smart and elegant – creative, even – but not too extravagant. That special mix was very hard to come by, so now she creates it herself, with her own brand.

MONA WIE wants to be a sustainable label that enables women to ‘dress for success’ – with less outfits, but with better designs and better quality. That’s why Wilmes always opts for premium materials. Her timeless, minimalist and feminist workwear is made in good working conditions (and in limited editions) in Portugal. The brand donates at least 10% of its profits to Parley for the Oceans, a platform uniting creatives and policymakers to raise awareness about, and put a stop to, ocean pollution.

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