It takes a while to describe all of PANGAIA’s sustainability initiatives. After all, this collective of scientists, technologists and designers focuses on a wide array of subjects to make sure that ‘Gaia’ (Mother Earth) gets the respect she deserves.

First of all, the team collaborates with laboratories and research institutions from all over the world to bring to life innovations related to materials science. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to find items made from a recyclable seaweed yarn among their collections, or fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles.

Secondly, PANGAIA treats its collections with natural peppermint oil, which has an antibacterial effect and keeps the garments fresh. As a result, they need to be washed less often, saving water and energy. The dyes the brand uses are also made from natural materials, namely: food waste and natural resources such as plants, fruits and vegetables. PANGAIA even created a vegan version of goose down: flower down, made from natural, dried wildflowers.

Every PANGAIA item comes in a special TIPA packaging: a bio-based plastic alternative that completely disappears in your compost bin after 24 weeks. To make its wish for a zero-waste circular system come true, PANGAIA teamed up with The Renewal Workshop, an American organisation that repairs, recycles or upcycles PANGAIA garments. Finally, for every purchase, the brand donates 1% to 5 Gyres, a non-profit organisation that wants to put a stop to the global plastic pollution problem through science, education and art.

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