Two Thirds

Two Thirds derives its name from the fact that two thirds of our globe consist of oceans. The Spanish brand wants to protect that invaluable mass of water – just like the rest of our planet. For starters, Two Thirds tries to make a difference through its fabric choice. Think recycled polyester, organic cotton, merino wool, Tencel® and (quite appropriately) Seacell, which is a mix of Tencel® and sustainably harvested algae. Instead of leather, the team prefers cork, while the buttons are made from nuts.

A lot of thought has gone into the dyeing process as well. Among other techniques, Two Thirds relies on enzyme colouring, which requires less water, less energy and less chemicals.

The production takes place in Europe, mainly in Portugal and Italy, so the brand can keep an eye on the working conditions. Two Thirds establishes a personal relationship with every production partner, and regularly visits them.

Moreover, the production doesn’t start out of the blue: Two Thirds uses a pre-order system, so it knows exactly how many pieces are going to sell. The brand produces just enough – not too much, not too little – thus generating less waste (in the form of unsold items) and using their resources with maximum efficacy.

The Spanish label communicates honestly – for instance about relying on Amazon to get their garments to the customer’s doorstep – and provides tips and tricks for eco-friendly maintenance. To give just one example, they advise customers to put their jeans in the freezer to kill bacteria and to get rid of unpleasant smells. Finally, Two Thirds collaborates with, and donates money to, Edmaktub, a non-profit dedicated to protecting marine life and studying dolphins and whales.

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