Wilby Clutch

In 2013, Jamie Bolton-Debbage and Lucy Housmann got together to launch an accessory brand specialised in clutches: Wilby Clutch. Bolton-Debbage laid the foundations for the Plant a Tree programme of the World Land Trust, while Housmann is passionate about veganism – a beautiful duo that, through Wilby Clutch, provides fashion lovers with vegan, PETA certified bags made from cork, organic cotton, hemp and other materials. Their Bailey black saddlebag was elected the Best Green Handbag at the 2017 Independent Handbag Designer Awards.

Most Wilby bags are made in the UK, not far from the brand’s home base in London. The Tone time bags are made in China, but Wilby Clutch reassures its customers that it keeps a close watch on the production circumstances. Wilby Clutch is the living proof that high-end fashion does not have to be at the expense of the environment.

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