Arpione (‘harpoon’ in Italian) was founded in 2016 by Sebastiaan and Charlotte Hintjens, siblings who – though originally hailing from Antwerp – settled on the Belgian coast, sharing a passion for fashion, holidays, the beach and the sea. Inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle, where (swim) shorts are the basis of the weekday wardrobe, the founders took to designing their own swimwear after they graduated.

Sebastiaan and Charlotte were determined to give the classic swimming trunk an upgrade, striving for outfits that make men feel comfy in all circumstances – from splashing in the surf to visiting a nice restaurant. Their sporty yet luxurious designs are made in Europe from a premium material. Arpione swimwear consists entirely of recycled polyester, a fabric designed to dry quickly and to protect the wearer against UV radiation. The T-shirts created by the Hintjens siblings, in turn, are made from organic cotton.

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