Bonjour Maurice

Bonjour Maurice is a Belgian clothing brand for babies and kids. Through a clever design strategy, it wants to kill two birds with one stone. First of all, Bonjour Maurice makes it easier for parents to allow their kids to pick their own outfits. This freedom of choice gives children a healthy dose of confidence and independence. How, exactly, does this work? Well, all Bonjour Maurice items can be worn inside out! The ingenious system comes with a lot of additional advantages. Does your little one have a stain on his T-shirt? There’s no need to put it in the washing machine (what a waste of water that would be), because you can just turn it inside out and your kid is good to go again. So, no matter how many Bonjour Maurice items you buy: your kids get double the fun.

Moreover, Bonjour Maurice garments are durable. Most of the items are unisex, so big brothers can pass them on to little sisters, or big sisters can hand them down to little brothers. Children who go through a growth spurt and outgrow their clothes in less than a year’s time are in for a treat (or at least their parents are): the garments in question can simply be sent back to Bonjour Maurice, which gives a 20% discount on the next purchase in return.

Finally, Bonjour Maurice wants to have less impact on the environment by opting for environmentally friendly fabrics (like organic cotton) and by keeping their production in Europe (everything – from weaving to labelling – happens in Porto, to be precise).

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