Suite 13

Suite 13 is the brainchild of Maria Trepat Gelabert and Alexia Izu, two designers who got to know each other while working for a big Spanish fashion label. Trepat Gelabert had previously attempted to launch an eco-fashion line, teaming up with an Indian factory that also produced for other sustainable brands (like Greenpeace and People Tree). Yet taking on the entire process – from design to retail – all by herself turned out not to be feasible. A couple of years after this first adventure, though, Trepat Gelabert found an ally and like-minded soul in Alexia Izu, and Suite 13 took off like a rocket. The two founders unite elegance and sustainability in their slow fashion items which can even be made to measure for weddings or other special occasions.

Trepat Gelabert and Izu love organic materials, like GOTS certified cotton, recycled wool, Tencel® and linen. They communicate openly about their choices on their website. For every item, they list the fibre content (i.e., the material percentages) as well as the country of manufacture, for both the fabric and the clothes themselves. Now that is transparency for you.

The Suite 13 founders call themselves nomad designers. And though they find inspiration in their many travels, most of their clothes are made close to home, in Barcelona, where Trepat Gelabert and Izu ensure fair and safe working conditions.

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