El Naturalista

El Naturalista is all about smart and sustainable material use. The Spanish shoe label uses recycled truck tires, among other resources, as well as a special membrane called onTex®, which ensures excellent levels of waterproofing while still remaining breathable. It should come as no surprise that bamboo is another El Naturalista favourite: being breathable, absorbent and antibacterial, this environmentally friendly material ticks a lot of boxes indeed.

In addition, El Naturalista offers shoes that are made from 100% premium Portuguese merino wool or sheepskin with wool lining. While the brand is obviously not vegan, it does have a collection that bans all animal products, as well as a chromium-free selection (chromium is still often used to tan leather, despite its detrimental effects on both people and planet).

When it comes to the soles, too, El Naturalista does its utmost to go easy on mother nature. The brand works with natural rubber, recycled fishing nets and shells that are a waste product from the fish canning industry.

The brand’s footwear is produced on three El Naturalista production sites in Spain and Morocco (in regions selected especially for their rich shoe-making history), allowing the team to keep a close watch on the entire process. For instance, El Naturalista carefully monitors the factories’ energy use and improved their energy efficiency with, among other things, solar panels, light sensors and LED lights, while also introducing reclaimed wood tables and recycled cardboard chairs. 

Finally, El Naturalista is involved in charitable work, supporting children in Haiti, Tanzania and Peru. The label also launched the Atauch project a few years ago, to increase educational opportunities for children from developing countries, together with other organisations. In addition, the brand collaborates with several non-profits to create and ship their marketing material, such as ASPACE (the Spanish Federation of Associations for the Assistance of People with Cerebral Palsy or Similar Disabilities) and Elkarkide (which supports people with mental and physical disabilities on the pathway to work).

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