Joseffa makes women’s nightwear and loungewear from recycled cotton men’s shirts that are carefully selected, laundered and … transformed! Most of the times, collars wear out long before the rest of a shirt, meaning that an entire item gets discarded while only a small part of it is frayed or stained, and 90% is still in perfect condition.

Joseffa takes that 90% and gets to work with it – creatively and locally. The result is circular fashion in the shape of stylish, comfy and handmade babydoll tops, shorts, pants and nightshirts that achieve substantial water savings. With every shirt that gets recycled, Joseffa saves up to 5,000 liters of fresh water.

Because water conservation is one of the issues closest to their heart, the Joseffa team members supports the KO NEERE project in Burkina Faso, a country that suffers from a massive shortage of drinking water. KO NEERE installs wells and pumps to improve access to clean water.

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