Marjan Storme

The Belgian brand Marjan Storme proudly carries the name of its Ghent-based founder, whose fascination with fabrics dates back to her childhood. For her own slow fashion brand, Storme consistently selects high-quality leftover fabrics, with a unique look and feel and a limited colour palette. In addition, the designer works almost exclusively with mono-materials, like 100% silk, 100% cotton or 100% wool.

Marjan Storme is Belgian design made in Portugal. Storme stresses that she keeps a close eye on the labour conditions of her Portuguese workers. The pure dresses, trousers and scarves that come to life in their hands exude a timeless beauty and luxury. These crucial basics are made to last for years and years … and years.

Curious what the future holds for Storme? So are we, because the designer wants to set up a takeback system and introduce a second-hand offer, to extend the life of her items even further.

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