Eva Maria

The Bruges-born designer Eva Maria Bogaert generously shares her first names with her women’s clothing brand – a brand that testifies to her great fondness for colours, patterns, shapes and textures.

Bogaert doesn’t do seasons or trends. Instead, she creates playful collections that evoke a certain mood or atmosphere, often finding inspiration in extraordinary fabrics. After all, Eva Maria has a thing for ‘deadstock fabric’: original and exclusive leftovers from haute couture and designer labels. In addition, she hunts for treasures in thrift stores or at flea markets, and she creates her own prints, sometimes by painting directly onto the fabric.
Every Eva Maria item is unique slow fashion, handmade by the designer herself, who firmly believes in sustainability and craftsmanship. Due to her particular choice of materials, Bogaert only has a limited amount of fabric at her disposal, meaning she can only produce a few items with it. Yet, thanks to adjustable waists and other smart design features, her items fit a wide variety of women like a glove.

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