Abelone Wilhelmsen

Abelone Wilhelmsen was born in Copenhagen, but is currently working and living in Borgerhout, Belgium. With a dressmaker for a mother and a shoemaker for a father, Wilhelmsen grew up on fashion. Her unique roots also make themselves felt in her minimalist, urban designs. They have a distinctly Scandinavian feel, yet are 100% made in Belgium, in limited editions. Wilhelmsen’s flagship is but a stone’s throw from her atelier. Both men and women who like their outfits functional and comfortable, or who are into accessories and interior design, will find their heart’s desire at Abelone Wilhelmsen.

Wilhelmsen’s fabrics have West-European stamps on their passports, so the designer succeeds in keeping transportation to a minimum. Moreover, her materials are of premium quality. Together with Wilhelmsen’s timeless designs, this means that her clothes can be endlessly worn and easily combined.

In 2020, Wilhelmsen teamed up with Solange Cools for ‘Sustainable Collab’, a locally made collection of kimonos, shirts, skirts, pullovers and bags. The latter were made by inmates from the prison of Bruges, and the fabrics for the clothes were woven to order to avoid overproduction.

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