When CĂ©line Van Den Bossche and Martha Verleyen put Janue on the map in Brussels in 2019, their goal was to encourage purposeful and more conscious shopping. They approach their slow fashion clothes as pieces of art and invite customers to do the same. Janue items stand out because of their timeless appeal and classy style.

Van Den Bossche and Verleyen mainly work their magic with high-end leftover fabrics from other designers. Despite their premium quality, these fabrics would otherwise be unceremoniously discarded. Moreover, the duo selects only natural fabrics, like wool and cotton. To ensure transparency, the designers set up their store inside their workshop. Janue only works with Belgian production companies, which they visit regularly to make sure all goes as it should. 

All Janue lines have a coherent colour palette, and each collection builds on the previous one, making it easy for customers to mix and match. Producing seasonal collections clearly is not what Van Den Bossche and Verleyen are after!

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