WAIR is an AI-powered technology that provides personalized sizing and style advice. BrainCreators and Van Deursen Retail, the Dutch companies behind WAIR, claim to have the largest database of 3D body scans in the industry. They initially applied that database to developing size charts, but now they are using it for size and fit recommendations at various touchpoints, like on your product page or via the chatbot on your webshop.

WAIR asks your customers the same questions they asked the people whose profiles make up their database. The tool then links the answers to product specs, review data and personal preferences. Thus it can predict the consumer’s size and fit, and give advice. According to A/B testing by WAIR, the tool can lead to a 19.1% drop in returns. The software uses continuous learning, so its algorithms become increasingly reliable.

Finally, WAIR’s Insights Dashboard offers detailed information about customer behavior and the demand for certain products. You can use it to analyze your inventory and distribution, which helps you optimize your marketing strategy and determine how, where and when to deploy your stock, among other things.

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