(Source: AEG)
“Suzanne Lee, Founder of Biocouture Ltd, is heading the world’s first biodesign consultancy firm, which brings knowledge from scientists’ labs into fashion production. Biocouture offers a completely new perspective on how we could manufacture clothing, accessories and sportswear in the future.

In the film The Next Black, we meet Suzanne Lee in her London studio, where she's using cellulose-producing microbes to grow garments in a vat of fermenting liquid. Through research and working with scientists, she developed a process of growing microbial material in a mixture of green tea, sugar and yeast to create a completely natural, 100% compostable product. The material can be dried, cut and sewn together to make clothes.

Biofabrication could revolutionise the design and manufacture of clothing, footwear and accessories, moving away from the demands on energy and water of current textile manufacturing to an engineered and optimized bio process. By creating materials from living organisms, clothes could be produced without toxic waste, enabling a truly sustainable future for fashion.”

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