Rank a Brand

Rank a Brand is an online platform that guides consumers to sustainable brands (ranging from clothes, electronics, telecom and media to food and beverages). Brands from various categories are compared and get their own ranking. This immediately shows which brands are doing better or worse in terms of sustainability.

Transparency is key:
Rank a Brand uses information that is available online to rank its brands, which makes transparency a prerequisite. In other words: companies need to be open about their policy and their sustainability efforts. Rank a Brand bases itself on verifiable data whenever possible, such as labels and certifications.

The procedure:
To rank brands, Rank a Brand has composed a set of targeted questions which focus on climate, environment and labor issues. Either the brand replies to these questions or Rank a Brand uses research to find the answers they need. This information is held up against the criteria of Rank a Brand, who eventually published the outcome on their website. The scores go from A (for the most sustainable brands) to E (for the least sustainable). This allows the consumer to make an informed choice. 

Inform and motivate - nudging consumers and producers alike:
Rank a Brand not only wants to inform the consumer, but also asks brands to step up their sustainability efforts. This is done with the help of a ‘Nudge’ button that allows you to send a standard email telling a brand it has been ranked on Rank a Brand and that it could do better in certain areas.

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