La Fille d'O

The story of Murielle Scherre’s La Fille d’O started in 2003. The lingerie brand is proud of its use of materials from Belgium and from neighboring countries. The production is also Belgium-based (in Ghent, Wevelgem and Ypres), done by specialized seamstresses who make everything by hand.

The idea behind the brand is to put the client’s wishes center stage. Scherre often starts from ideas coming from her customers, taking her collections from there.

In 2014, for instance, she launched Not Suitable for Work, a somewhat more kinky collection that is scheduled to appear each year around the Holidays. Moreover, in response to a reader’s letter she designed a prosthetic bra with matching briefs. The bra is medically sound and can be worn with fabric or silicone prosthetic(s).

To heighten customer involvement and build a durable relationship with its clients, the brand came up with #lafilleduday, a platform where women can proudly show off their latest Fille d’O purchase using the appropriate hashtag.

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