LN Knits

LN Knits was founded by Ellen Kegels and consists of:

  • LN Beanies: Headwear, like knitted hats and headbands
  • LN Andes: Winter and summer knitwear.

Alpaca’s live their peaceful lives at a temperature of below 20°. Their wool is firm and warm, which is why LN Knits fell head over heels for it. What’s more, the brand uses wool from alpacas’ very first shaves. This is supposed to the finest type of wool available -- the so-called baby alpaca wool. Wool such as this is the softest and it has the best fit.

LN Knits has presented itself as a sustainable company from the very start, by creating employment opportunities for those you would perhaps least expect: retired grannies in Belgium and Peruvian teen moms.

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