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Looking to take the green road, but having trouble planning your route or getting lost among the many options available? Rest assured: the Planner has the answers.

After completing a simple questionnaire that covers every stage in Close The Loop (from resources to end of life), you will receive a personalized summary. This helpful document contains short-term and long-term actions along with ready-to-use tips and tools. In addition, it identifies your quick wins: sustainability efforts you are already making but have not yet incorporated into a proper policy. Setting and achieving sustainability goals becomes a breeze thanks to this action plan, which also helps you decide on your next steps. Your sustainable future is waiting!




Putting our heads together to come up with a more sustainable way of working: now there’s an idea that immediately appealed to e5 mode, caroline biss and Café Costume. Thanks to CSR Flanders, Flanders DC has set these companies on a trajectory towards corporate social responsibility, together with several external experts. Kicking off in 2017 and working with each company’s personality, challenges and opportunities, we came up with a tailor-made plan for all three participants. Sounds like something you want in on, too? Get in touch with us or with a consultant. The results of e5 mode, caroline biss and Café Costume leave no room for doubt … So, get inspired by these company stories!


e5 mode is proud of its Belgian roots and dreams of becoming an example to the clothing, fashion and retail industry. That’s why this fashion chain teamed up with Oxfam more than a decade ago to collect 800 tons of textile every year, and why ethical working conditions and the environment have been top of the agenda for a long, long time now (e5 mode opts for green packaging and FSC certified paper, for instance). Yet the brand realizes there’s always more you can do: continual adjustments are inevitable. That’s why we joined forces to draw up a plan for the future which puts sustainability reporting and the circular economy center stage. Starting small, experimenting and then embarking on a steep learning curve: that’s what e5 mode is after.


As a true family business, putting people first has always come naturally to caroline biss. Yet it started to dawn on the label that our planet also needs a little TLC. Together we searched for ways to work more sustainably, without hampering commercial activities, creativity or flexibility. More specifically, caroline biss wanted to evolve from a ‘common sense’ politics to a true sustainability policy. We decided to map the entire chain and to identify opportunities for improvement throughout. But that wasn’t the end of it: caroline biss wants to communicate more about its sustainability efforts and to come up with a vision on, and a personal interpretation of, sustainability. That’s why the caroline biss website will soon feature a sustainability report. The brand also plans on bringing its partners around the table to get them aligned.


Sustainability is in the DNA of Café Costume: the brand’s pieces last a lifetime and are created on demand to avoid surplus. Yet the company wanted to step up its efforts both by scoring quick wins and by implementing long-term green strategies. That’s why we got together to make an inventory of all the materials used, to replace them with more sustainable alternatives wherever possible. And Café Costume definitely got the hang of it: they’re now scrutinizing their business model to make it future proof.

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