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back Fashion Revolution - a global movement striving for transparency in fashion

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that strives for more transparency and honest working conditions in the clothing business. They believe in a fashion industry that values people, the environment, creativity and profits in equal measure. Their goal is to bring everyone together in a global campaign to ensure that this becomes a reality.

Fashion Revolution wants people to wonder ‘Who made my clothes?’. They believe that asking this question will lead to more transparency, which, in turn, implies openness, honesty, communication and accountability.

One of Fashion Revolution’s campaigns took place in Germany in 2015. Right in the middle of a Berlin square, they installed a vending machine which promised passers-by a real bargain: one T-shirt for only 2€.

Yet rather than dispensing the shirt, the machine started playing a 20-second video on the terrible working conditions for the women and children who make these kinds of T-shirts. Afterwards, the consumer could choose to go through with his purchase or to donate his 2€ to Fashion Revolution’s fight against unfair working conditions.

This initiative was an effective means to raise awareness.

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