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back Returning clothes to the store

The ‘End of life’ section offers useful information on what to do with clothing that is damaged or worn out and where to go with items that you simply no longer wear or want.

Keep in mind that several retailers provide take-back systems for old clothes.

  • Dutch aWEARness experiments with take-back systems to collect the workwear after a period of 12 to 18 months.
  • The Dutch brand MUD Jeans asks its customers to send their jeans back if they grow tired of them.
  • The Swedisch brand Nudie encourages their clients to reuse jeans that are no longer wearable for repairing other pairs. Customers who do want to part with their old pants can also hand them in at one of the Nudie stores in return for a coupon. Nudie washes and repairs each pair and puts them back in the shop as second-hand articles.
  • Other chains, like H&M, even accept old clothing and textiles regardless of their origins or brand. Read all about it in the case on H&M.
    Other stores that offer similar (sometimes refunded) services are: Claudia Sträter, WE, Filippa K, Brantano, & Other Stories, Patagonia, JBC, PUMA, Cees n Co, Monkey Glass, Dutch Spirit, Van Puijenbroek, Houdini.
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