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Higg Index - Sustainable Apparel Coalition

De Higg Index is a tool developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition for the purpose of measuring the social and environmental impact of clothes and shoes throughout their entire life cycle. Reviewing these items based on criteria regarding the emission of greenhouse gases, use of energy, waste and chemicals, the tool is designed to help make better policy and management decisions. The tool can be downloaded for free. By inputting information that is specific to your company/product (e.g. which materials you use), you get a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses regarding sustainability.

MADE-by MODE Tracker

MODE Tracker is a tool made by MADE-BY to help fashion brands develop sustainably. The tool uses a scorecard and allows brands to monitor their progress and to communicate this to their audience. Thus the tool contributes to working in a more transparent way.

Nike Making App 

The Nike Making App helps designers to clearly assess the impact of their choice of certain materials. The tool is easy to use and targeted at designers who want to work more sustainably.

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