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back Think about how to discard your old clothing (and textiles) as a consumer

Put the textile/clothing you want to get rid of in two categories and choose the best way to discard them accordingly:

  • Clothes that cannot be reused (damaged or worn out):
    • Take them to waste and recycling sites in your neighborhood. Depending on where you live some items may or may not be allowed in the container, so it’s best to check beforehand on your city’s or municipality’s website.
    • Think of clothing chains that collect clothing, textile or shoes.
  • Clothes that are fit for reuse:
    • Make your friends and family happy
    • Participate in swishing and swapping events
    • Sell second-hand
    • Keep an eye on local initiatives (cities or municipalities often organize home collections picking up unwanted clothes, for instance)
    • Take them to collection points or organizations/charities with a Solid’R label. This guarantees that the collected clothes add value to the community and have been assessed by an independent organization.
    • Ever heard of a shop where you bring clothes instead of buying them? That's exactly what Empty Shop is all about. Each and every day, this project showcases a new fashion look made entirely from donated clothes.

To conclude: it’s astonishing how fast we are to throw old clothes away. The first step is to check if an item can be repaired, before regarding it as waste.

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