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Wear2™ is an eco stitching technology (seam technology) developed by a group of British retailers, manufacturers and textile recyclers that allows you to easily disassemble clothing at the end of its life.

By integrating Wear2™ technology in clothes, things like zippers, buttons, linings, and so on can easily be removed without damaging the surrounding fabric.

Making clothes that literally fall apart on command, Wear2™ offers a unique way to repair, reuse and upcycle pure fibers.

You can also use the technology to remove only certain parts, for example when you have a logo that needs to be replaced.

Resortecs, too, offers world-wide patented solutions for recycling clothes. More specifically, thanks to this Belgian company, clothing can be automatically disassembled on an industrial scale. Using their heat-dissolvable stitching threads, you can easily take an item apart, so you can reuse the fabric again and again, thereby reducing the need for new fabrics.

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