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Rank a Brand

Rank a Brand is an online platform that helps consumers in their search for sustainable brands (from clothing to electronics, telecom and media, to food and drinks)

Susta - Sustainable Antwerp

Susta’s website lists all the sustainable (hot)spots in Antwerp and beyond. You can easily search shops that go for bio, fair or eco products in various sectors (food, fashion, construction, catering, …).

Fair Fashion App - campaign for clean clothes

This app, which is available for iOS or Android, shows which brands score well in terms of working conditions. The app includes all the big brands/retailers. Check this article for more information.

Talking Dress - shopping guide

Dutch sustainability expert Marieke Eyskoot not only wrote a book on sustainable fashion; she also launched a shopping guide. Available for iOS and Android.

Nederland Circulair - circular economy on the map

Nederland Circulair has literally put some cases/best practices of circular economy on the map. The cases are continually updated.

Ellen McArthur Foundation - Circular Economy Map

The Ellen McArthur Foundation has published an online map of the world of the circular economy. The map shows organizations and individuals that enable the transition to a circular economy (e.g. promoting or researching it).

Ethical Fashion Report Comparison

Each year Baptist World Aid put together an ethical fashion report as part of the Behind The Barcode Project that grades brands on their labour right management systems. This research is then published to help you make more informed decisions when making a purchase.

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