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back EcoChic Design Award - tips on zero waste design

The EcoChic Design Award shares a load of tips on zero waste design online:

  • A useful PDF with hands-on tips and several examples.
  • Online videos:
    • The EcoChic Design Award 2013 - Zero-waste
    • The EcoChic Design Award - Zero-waste tutorial by Timo Rissanen. Here are his tips to master the technique:
      • Start from a pattern rather than from a design: it’s possible to work with sketches and patterns, but you cannot finalize a design on paper. It’s important to start specifically from the act of cutting the fabric, and not purely from a design.
      • Drape: you can also drape your piece of textile on a mannequin and start from there to work out the pattern. It can be equally helpful to try and fold your paper while drawing/working.
      • Know the width of your fabric: you can’t work ‘zero waste’ without knowing exactly how wide the textile is, given that this is precisely what defines your design.
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