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back Bond with your customers

It might seem strange to incorporate consumer engagement into the whole sustainability story, yet this may be another strategy to keep clothing from becoming waste all too soon. When someone is really attached to an item, this will not easily be thrown away. There are several ways to encourage this connection. Some tips to consider:

  • Involve your client in the creation process:
    • ‘I helped design this.’
    • Example: Unmade
  • Involve your client in the production process:
  • Use storytelling:
    • ‘I know how this product was made, in which circumstances, who designed it and what’s the story behind it.’
    • Example: O My Bag
  • Create a customer experience:
    • ‘I’m thrilled about how I found/bought this item and I love to talk about it.’
    • Example: Suitcase.
  • Create a community:
    • ‘I’m part of this group of people who are enthusiastic about this product/this designer and therefore I feel very involved.’
    • Example: la fille d’O #lafilleduday
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