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back As a designer, give tips on how to maintain your product

Make sure that your customers know how to maintain and treat your product after the purchase. This is a way to extend the lifespan of your item to the maximum.

Possible tips can range from how often to wash, dry or iron the item, using which products, or how to protect a certain fabric from dirt, which is information that for instance Royal Republiq provides.

Sweden provides us with another example. Filippa K's website offers an elegant poster that lists all the tips their consumers need to take better care of their clothes and to make them last longer.

The Dutch label Wintervacht gives useful tips on mothproofing your upcycled wool coat.

Outdoor labels such as Patagonia and Gore-Tex share wash and care tips on their site.

Other examples of companies offering such tips and tricks are: Reformation                                      


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